Oh hey, it’s 2016!

Wow, it’s been years.

Let me summarize the events of previous years, a bit of a catch-up.


Shit, man, nothing happened.

Well, there was that time I harbored delusions of being an office girl again and accepted a contractor position with a tissue paper company. That ended … okay, I guess. The best thing I could say about it is that I got a free TV before I left.

I realized that I am more fit for working from home. I also self-diagnosed myself as having social anxiety. I determined that my tendencies to blurt out weird statements at the most inopportune times were because I was usually nervous around other people.

I was also usually being an asshole, but these things go hand-in-hand.

So yeah, I’m working from home again. And I sure hope I never go back to an office ever.

Working from home meant that I had opportunities to tailor my workspace and computer to my specifications, and add gadgets, software, and other thingamajigs to make my work easier.

I’m still on the ol’ 2011 Macbook Air, which is still chugging like a champ, even though it tends to sputter and complain sometimes.

The year I worked in an office and had to work on a PC was hell. Said PC being crappy HP was an additional hell. I hated that thing with a passion. If I could throw it out the window I would.

Erm, but I digress.

Whether you work on a PC, or on a Mac, there is a host of tweaks and software that you can use to make the experience richer and more rewarding, especially if you like tinkering with stuff, like I do.

One method I adopted was the Pomodoro Technique.


If you’re not aware, here’s a pretty good explanation from Lifehacker.

The Pomodoro Technique, in a nutshell, divides your time doing a task into 25-minute bursts, with 5-minute intervals.

It used to be that you had to have an actual physical timer to start and stop, but now, there’s an app for that.

Personally, I use Pomodoro Time Pro, which I have running on the Mac. My tasks aren’t terribly varied, so I really don’t need a pomodoro app that also has a to-do list or task scheduler. My app is simple and does its job well.

I had a few other stuff I wanted to talk about, but it’s 1am and I’ve been bitten by the lazy bug.

Maybe I’ll continue this next time.



4 thoughts on “Oh hey, it’s 2016!

  1. wow! welcome to the “working from home” club, if there is any… though I am not sure if I should consider myself as one kasi di naman ako ‘officially’ working or am I (still confused)?

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