Notebook Notes

I decided to wait at the Fully Booked Starbucks shop while waiting for P to finish his massage. I figured I could catch up on World War Z while waiting. Then I saw TV reporter Howie Severino (at least, it looked like him) a few tables away from me hunkered down and writing earnestly on his own notebook, and inspiration flashed. Fuck, I could do that! I could practice writing longhand again! Bad decision – my handwriting is still shit. Five pages worth of dribble follow.

Writing longhand, page 1.
Writing longhand, page 1.
Pages 2 - 3
Pages 2 – 3
Pages 4 - 5
Pages 4 – 5

3 thoughts on “Notebook Notes

  1. Hahaha! Ayos ah! I tried keeping a notebook in my bag so that I can write stuff that I remember but in the end, I fish out my phone most of the time and type it out there… weird.

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